Fling Or Long-Term Thing? - Decode His Relationship Cues Before You Get Hurt

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Do you know how to tell the difference between a fling and a long-term thing?Does your relationship cue IQ leave you wondering how you misread men time and again?Are you wondering whether Mr. Perfect is really Mr. Perfect fling?Learn how to decode his intentions so you know whether he is a fling or a long-term thing

When does he call?

This question refers to not only what time or day he calls but also how often.To start with if he calls you during the day to make plans for lunch or dinner or to set plans for the weekend early, your prospects look promising with this guy.If however he calls at night to see if you are available to meet him for a drink in half an hour, it doesn't look like he is serious about you.

The second part of this question is how often he lights up your phone.If it's every day then you can be pretty confident that he wants more than just a few nights or weeks of fun.On the other hand if you only hear from him once or twice a week you might want to think about moving on.

Why does he call?

Does he just want to chat?Is he calling to schedule a lunch or planning ahead for the weekend?These are green lights letting you know that he wants more out of your relationship.If however he more frequently than not calls you to meet at your place or his for a night cap and a roll in the hay, he is a fling not a long-term thing.

Where do you go?

Is he inviting you to lunch or the museum?Are you going on fun little day trips to spend some quality time together?These are good signs that he wants more out of your relationship because is working on forming an emotional bond with you.

If you find yourselves spending many late evening dates either out to a bar or a restaurant and then back to your place or his, he's probably looking more for a booty call than a committed relationship.If you find that you are the only one in your relationship trying to set up dates that don't end in sex, it may be time to let him go.

Now that you know the difference between a fling and a long-term thing you know when to keep him and when to send him packing.

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Fling Or Long-Term Thing? - Decode His Relationship Cues Before You Get Hurt

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This article was published on 2010/03/27
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